I love early Persona 3 Gamefaq forums, because they’re full of thread topics like

  • How do bathrooms work?
  • Why can’t I scrub the toilet?
  • How do I get maid outfits?
  • What drinks do I get for the little girl?
  • What do vending machines do?
  • What happens if I fail my exams?
  • How do I become great?

They sound like a group of aliens trying to very slowly piece together human society.

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desu 2 gets easier. desu is just stupid and shit and terrible from beginning to end. and if the story werent interesting that game would be just the worst dogshit ever. does desu overclocked include obvious design positives that they neglected to implement the first time like the compendium? useful physical attacks? etc. or is it just a terrible excuse to wring 40 dollars out of people by adding a second Sunday?

Whoa. I’m not sure what’s going on here. I gather someone dislikes DeSu, which is fine, I guess. The rest is…whoa.

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I’m kind of agitated that I can’t express my dissatisfaction with SMT4 anywhere without being mobbed by angry fans. 

Reblogged for truthiness.

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Seeing people on tumblr talk about Loki and thinking of this guy


but instead its all about this bitch with the stupid looking helmet


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This battle has been giving me fits. I’ve never liked it. It feels cheap for the sake of cheapness.

But hey, no one said becoming King of Bel would be easy, I guess.




Mari died…again. Keisuke died…again. I haven’t saved either of them on any playthrough :/

I’m sorry to butt in, but have you been looking for her bag? You just need to do a couple of blue text events (that don’t consume time) to find it, right after she mentions it, and then you can either give it to her (to save her) or to Kaido (to save both her and keisuke)

In the past, I’ve given it to her, but she’s weaksauce and can’t land the final hit to save her gorram life (literally). This time I kept it, thinking, “Oh hey, I’ve got the bag, I’LL be the one to land the final hit.” But of course that’s too logical for DeSu.

Next time I’ll just give it to Kaido.

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A very serious game about very serious morale dilemmas.

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