This blog has been silent for awhile; actually, all my blogs have been silent for awhile. Life has a way of doing that. Many of you will have forgotten you even followed this blog, and promptly unfollow. That’s fine. This is the last post of this blog, anyway.

The game industry has grown an ugly cancer inside it. I, for one, want games that embrace and celebrate a wide variety of experiences, cultures, and backgrounds. What I don’t want, is censorship.

As in anything, the extremists have the loudest voice, and the least sense. These days games are no longer considered for their merits, for whether or not they are fun. No, now they are only considered for whether or not they positively represent minorities. And honestly, I would be perfectly fine with that, were it not for the fact that they are ALSO judged if they ever, in any way whatsoever, positively represent the stereotypical gamer, the ones who have supported the industry for the past decades.

I am all for social justice right up to the point where it stops being “games for me also” and becomes “games for me instead.”

Frankly, you have all been duped. I remember in college literature classes, we would amuse ourselves by “proving” that every single character in every single literary work was secretly gay. It didn’t matter how tenuous the evidence; in fact, the more tenuous the better, as it showed how clever we are.

Anita is showing you all just how clever she is at pointing out tenuous connections and generating fictional realities and many are buying her snake oil by the barrel. She ignores uncomfortable truths and latches on to the most threadbare of arguments. And those who follow along with her are now actively bullying gaming companies into self-censoring content.

Because that’s what the crusade has become: a crusade in favor of censorship. If it doesn’t promote the agenda of transgendered multiracial otherkin to the absolute exclusion of everyone else, it has to go. And I will tolerate many things, but censorship is not one of them.

I believe in freedom of expression. I believe Anita has the right to spew her baseless arguments and tenuous points. I even believe the social justice movement has a right to ask game companies to pander to them to the exclusion of others. But I also have a right to abandon gaming, to insist that, no, there are more important metrics to consider when buying a game than the main character’s sexual preference.

So I will be enjoying the wide world of retro gaming for the foreseeable future. If the collective gaming world pulls its head out of its ass and realizes, “Hey, there’s plenty of room in this sandbox for everyone to play, not every game has to be for me,” then I will be back. Otherwise, I will wait for the collapse when the industry can no longer support itself with the sales generated by pandering to a very small minority of gamers (and before you jump in with “Women make up 45% of gamers now” remember that that’s only if you include mobile gaming; meaning, of course, that they ALREADY design games for women — they’re called mobile games).

Do what you will with this post, reblog it, tear it apart, whatever. I have said my piece, I will not respond further. If Anita Snake Oil can make patently false claims and then turn off her comments and then get her sycophants to defend her for stifling discourse, I can do this. I wish every one of you all the best. I truly am a believer in the idea of a humanitarian world, where we can all raise ourselves up WITHOUT cutting down others to do so.

It’s been fun.



I love early Persona 3 Gamefaq forums, because they’re full of thread topics like

  • How do bathrooms work?
  • Why can’t I scrub the toilet?
  • How do I get maid outfits?
  • What drinks do I get for the little girl?
  • What do vending machines do?
  • What happens if I fail my exams?
  • How do I become great?

They sound like a group of aliens trying to very slowly piece together human society.

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desu 2 gets easier. desu is just stupid and shit and terrible from beginning to end. and if the story werent interesting that game would be just the worst dogshit ever. does desu overclocked include obvious design positives that they neglected to implement the first time like the compendium? useful physical attacks? etc. or is it just a terrible excuse to wring 40 dollars out of people by adding a second Sunday?

Whoa. I’m not sure what’s going on here. I gather someone dislikes DeSu, which is fine, I guess. The rest is…whoa.

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I’m kind of agitated that I can’t express my dissatisfaction with SMT4 anywhere without being mobbed by angry fans. 

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Seeing people on tumblr talk about Loki and thinking of this guy


but instead its all about this bitch with the stupid looking helmet


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This battle has been giving me fits. I’ve never liked it. It feels cheap for the sake of cheapness.

But hey, no one said becoming King of Bel would be easy, I guess.




Mari died…again. Keisuke died…again. I haven’t saved either of them on any playthrough :/

I’m sorry to butt in, but have you been looking for her bag? You just need to do a couple of blue text events (that don’t consume time) to find it, right after she mentions it, and then you can either give it to her (to save her) or to Kaido (to save both her and keisuke)

In the past, I’ve given it to her, but she’s weaksauce and can’t land the final hit to save her gorram life (literally). This time I kept it, thinking, “Oh hey, I’ve got the bag, I’LL be the one to land the final hit.” But of course that’s too logical for DeSu.

Next time I’ll just give it to Kaido.

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